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1D Manpower Services Inc acknowledges effective recruitment is paramount. Thus, we help you find the time and the resources to bring the best candidates to build your business.

We are an energetic and passionate HR team committed to providing our customers, and business organizations with lean HR or no HR department comprehensive solutions, and in-depth services to grow and transition.

Our main areas of focus that partake in the overall business processes are recruitment, business outsourcing, labor relations, legal assistance, payroll management, and employee benefits.

We focus on integrity and ethical behavior, employee dignity, safety and health, and innovation by planning an ethical code of conduct and incorporating the values ​​we share with customers, employees, suppliers, and other third parties with whom we do business.

+02 8421 6677

Unit 606, 6th floor,337 ITC Building, Sen Gil Puyat Ave, Makati PH

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