Business Outsourcing

We offer a comprehensive range of outsourcing solutions assisting small and medium businesses such as 

  • Human Resource Services.
  • Business Taxation & Accounting Services. 
  • Business Registration, and more.

We help your company gain cost and time efficiencies, and improve service to your employees by providing our cutting-edge human resource strategies, reliable supply, and excellent quality. 

Our Human Resource service includes all the responsibilities and functions, including payroll benefits, hiring, benefits, keeping up to date with labor laws, and employee wellbeing. 

Business Outsourcing Service of 1D Manpower Services Inc.

Our Outsourcing solutions.

Only the best for you and your global employees.

Onboarding and Offer Management

We provide a great onboarding experience for your new team member as they commence their employment with you by making them feel cared, and valued with benefits and an employment contract that's both relevant and attractive.

Leave Management

Based on the Philippines holidays and observance, we advise your employees on holidays, maternity, paternity, sick leave, or family leave.


We can help articulate your company probation policies to your new employee and advise on probationary periods, policies, and practices to ensure that you remain compliant.

Performance Plans And Disciplinary Management

We can help you create and run locally compliant performance, improvement plans, disciplinary processes, and notices should your employees not meet the required standards.


We will help guide and process the termination and off-boarding of your employees if you or your employee decide to end the employment contract for any reason.

Need to Expand your team?

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