Payroll Management

Running payroll is one of the significant responsibilities for business owners, but it doesn’t have to be the most stressful. 

Our Payroll Management Service will help you:

 ✔ Save your valuable time

✔  Eliminating admin error

✔  Ensuring compliance, and

✔  Reducing risk while simplifying payroll management services.

Our team will provide you with the best employment solution to fit your needs and process payroll for your employees while obeying the Philippine Labor Code.

Payroll Management Services of 1D Manpower Services Inc.

Modern Payroll For Small & Mid-Size Companies

Processing Paychecks

Handling Payroll Taxes


Employee Accessibility

Let us handle the needs of payroll processing for you:

We take pride in our client’s care, building ties established on trust and backed by years of understanding.

When You Outsource Payroll With Us, your employees are always paid on time and correctly.

Stop worrying about payroll and start growing your business.

Getting started is only a conversation away.