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Simple Guide on Induction Training For New Employees

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Induction training is an orientation program or an introduction that allows new employees to learn the ropes of their new job and company to get started readily.

In the old days, people usually expected to continue in the same job for all of their lives and retire from it. 

So they had ample time to learn and adapt to a company and the job necessities. 

However, now the employees change jobs many times over the years, so induction training plays a vital role in enabling the new hires to equip and understand the company policies and workflow of their job

For seasonal hires, like the hospitality industry, manufacturing and sales, it’s even more paramount that the new hires get fast-track training to help them get started quickly and avoid errors.

Now that you know the meaning of induction training, let me guide you on what you need to do while on induction training. 


For employees, there are many benefits of induction training. Some of them are: 

  • Learn company culture.
  • Clarify their role positioning and set their performance goals.
  • Meet colleagues and tools that can help you succeed at work. 
  • Understand job responsibilities (including legal and professional aspects) and entitlements to benefits. 

You will also know the length of the probation period and the goals you need to complete at the end of the probation period. 

Sure, the probationary period always sounds daunting during the initial days, but it is vital to you and your employer. 

During the probationary days, you get to comprehend the company culture, growth expectations, and work environment and figure out if you see yourself progressing.

It is usually essential to attend many meetings to explain and evaluate performance during this period. 

These meetings are great opportunities for you to learn more about the company’s expectations and discuss the skill gaps that need to address. 

Make Your First Impression Good 

Most times, you concern yourself whether you make an excellent first impression. 

Research has found that when people meet new people, they usually evaluate from two fundamental characteristics: 

  • Credibility and
  • Ability. 

Regardless of the culture of the work environment, we all do it. 

Let me guide you in some points on how you can make your first impression good – 

  • Do not be late for the appointment. It is best to arrive five minutes in advance. 
  • Let the person with the highest position speak and introduce himself first. 
  • Most workplaces are formal. If you are unsure, be more formal than acting too casually. In addition, the internal addressing practices of different companies are different. Employees in foreign companies and startups like to call their names, while state-owned companies address titles and ranks. It is good to have some preliminary understanding of this information before entering the job, which also applies to business attire like a formal dress. 
  • If you are going to work in a new city, it is necessary to understand the local customs, business etiquette, eating habits, traditional culture, festivals, and even the local dialect. Understanding these will help you narrow the distance between you and your local colleagues. 

Adapt The New Environment

Adaptation is another common concern for new employees. 

The most crucial strategy for integrating into a new team is listening, observing, and actively participating in team or company activities.

The benefits of participating in these activities (usually lunch or dinner) are to understand better new teammates and customers who are about to work with the team and expand your network. 

This valuable resource will be of significant benefit to your career.

Final Thoughts

Induction training is your manual to understand your workplace. 

Understanding the structure and layout of your new job or position makes your work easy and balanced. 

 We all care about how happy we will be in our new job, so induction training ushers opportunity in the company. 

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