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How to choose a marketing model for construction companies

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Marketing model for construction enterprises

What kind of marketing model should construction companies choose to meet the requirements of transformation and upgrading and achieve results in marketing

There is no compound answer to this question. 

The one that suits you is the best. 

When a construction company chooses a marketing model, it is necessary to select a marketing model that suits the company’s characteristics. 

Based on our research on some of the construction companies we have assisted, we will draw the marketing model we have applied:

Brand Drives Marketing

A brand is a kind of reputation. 

You build a brand based on reality and perception that plays an increasingly important role in marketing.

As the market environment continues to change and customer needs change with each passing day, companies need to improve their professionalism and vigorously promote their brands. 

For customers, the brand plays a significant role. 

Besides pointing out the direction, the brand can also maintain customers’ emotions on acquisition because it represents a particular quality assurance role and solves a substantial problem. 

A good corporate brand image can form “positive energy” and bring marketing help.

Regional Layout Marketing

“Going out of small places and expanding abroad” has become a strategic development plan for many construction companies. 

Because of transformations in the market environment and regional development regulations, it is more difficult for some construction companies rooted in small cities to thrive. 

By opening up a broader market and receiving more business, they continue to develop healthily. 

From the perspective of the expansion trend of some construction companies, the regional expansion is changing from east to west, from south to north, and from first-tier to second-tier and third-tier cities. 

Then the corresponding marketing work also needs to adjust the layout as the expansion area changes. 

Not only limited to the local area, but it is also necessary to find another way to increase marketing outlets and improve the company’s overall performance through the increase of marketing layout.

Technology Promotes Marketing

With the development of society and customer requirements, the construction industry has higher and higher technical requirements, especially in the technical construction decoration, steel structure, electromechanical installation, and other industries. 

The stronger the technology, the greater the influence. 

Technical marketing is a series of marketing innovation and reform activities carried out on marketing channels, brand communication, after-sales service, customer cultivation, market development by using technology as a means. 

The acceptance and use of new technology can help promote marketing in a short period.

Strategy Achieves Marketing.

The essence of marketing is differentiation. 

So if you want to achieve marketing success, you must work hard on marketing differentiation. 

However, many times the resources and capabilities are limited. 

Under homogeneous competition, construction companies have to surpass their competitors. 

The advantages of their marketing links are obviously in brand and technology. 

They cannot form a differentiated advantage over competitors in a short period. 

It is effective only by forming a bit of differentiation from the marketing strategy and gradually accumulating to establish one’s competitive advantage. 

Forming a differentiation in your marketing strategy brings a competitive advantage. 

So how to realize the differentiation of marketing strategies?

The practices of various companies are very different. 

Some work hard on customers, some work hard on quotations and channels, and some work hard on the value chain. 

Each has its characteristics that can form strategic differentiation.


We mention the three points you can choose to have a marketing model for construction companies. 

In short, brand exposure, marketing plan, and applying differentiation in the marketing strategy help you succeed in your marketing model. 

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