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Second, we assist in creating and enforcing fair and consistent policies for everyone in the workplace. 

Some of the wide range of labor relations services we provide are: 

  • Guide, advise, and direct employees on a wide range of labor relations based on the Philippines labor code
  • Legal issues
  • Work contract situation
  • Work rules, and 
  • Bargaining matters. 

By maintaining positive employee relations and constructive employee relations, we help your company keep employees loyal and more engaged in their work. 

Labor Relations service of 1D Manpower services Inc.

Let us address the needs of labor relations services for your company.

Helping you abide consistent growth, let us handle your employee issues like:

fair compensation

employee benefits,

Proper work-life balance

reasonable working hours, & others.

Stop worrying about payroll and start growing your business.

Getting started is only a conversation away.